Timber Management

Fulton Forest Products goal is to give responsible service to the landowner by professional timber management so the full potential of the woodlot can be realized. With a proper management plan in place, the value of your timber will increase as well as the volume over time. By eliminating trees that are undesirable and opening the forest canopy up enough to promote the growth of younger trees, this will ensure high quality trees for the future. We accomplish this by using a silviculture plan that is tailored to the woodlot itself, determined by size, topography, species and most importantly, so the desires and goals of the landowner are met.

 Some additional benefits that can be achieved for the landowner through logging practices are horseback riding trails, hunting access, wildlife food plots, as well as habitat improvement just to name a few. As we have spent our whole lives in the forest we understand all that it can offer from hunting, fishing, bird watching, camping, to an evening walk. That is why we are committed to taking the time to treat each and every woodlot as if it were our own.

Please contact us at: 814.782.3448 or ian(at)fultonforestproducts.com

Timber Harvesting

Fulton Forest Products believes that our forests are a renewable resource. We have built a reputation on our stewardship practices and quality control. Low impact harvesting can be achieved with the strategic placement of log landings, skid trails, drainage crossings, seeding and mulching. This eliminates erosion and sedimentation. It is our intent to work around sensitive areas such as fence rows, crop fields, wetlands, deer stands, and other desired areas. We also work closely with other companies when dealing with oil and gas line and electric or telephone right of ways. 

Fulton Forest Products has recently installed a Wood Shavings Mill to produce quality Animal Bedding. We are now in the market for softwood poles. This material is usually found on reclaimed strip mines. 

 Upon contacting us we will set an appointment to view the woodlot with the landowner and determine if a timber harvest is applicable. If a plan is agreed upon we will mark the appropriate trees for harvest, and an offer will be made. When accepted, a contract will be signed and timber harvesting will commence according to the terms of the contract agreed upon by all parties. 

Please contact us at:  (814) 782-3448 or ian(at)fultonforestproducts.com