Animal bedding
Shavings available from Fulton Forest Products
Fine wood shaving
Easily fall through fork
Larger shavings available

Fulton Forest Products has recently started to produce softwood shavings for animal bedding. These shavings are excellent for horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, and other animals. We offer these shavings in truck load quantities (all trucks must load from the top). We also continue to offer our hardwood sawdust for animal bedding as we have in the past. We saw no walnut, so our bedding is safe for all animals. 




We now resize our shavings to make a finer, smaller shaving. The small size will not get kicked or tracked out of the stall as easily as the larger shavings of our competitors. 





The resized shavings also fall through a bedding fork easily allowing you to recover clean bedding material and making the product last longer in your stall.





According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, "Softwood shavings are highly recommended for bedded-pack barns because they support minimal bacterial growth. Wood shavings reduce bacterial growth and irritation of teat ends." 

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Larger shavings are also available!